Jharsuguda Engineering School

Government of Odisha ଝାରସୁଗୁଡା ଯାନ୍ତ୍ରିକ ବିଦ୍ୟାଳୟ

Faculties of Mechanical Engineering

The Department of Mechanical Engineering was established with the inception of the Institute to create a pool of industry-ready undergraduate talents in the field of Mechanical Engineering. It aims at producing quality professionals in Mechanical Engineering to compete and excel by carrying out basic and applied research in emerging areas by forging strong industry-institute interaction. Since its inception it has been trying to impart quality education to undergraduates and train them to meet the demands of the manufacturing industry. The department is well equipped with a group of highly qualified and dynamic teachers.

Sri Surya Narayan Ray currently heads the ME department.


MRS. REENA RAY   Senior Lecturer

Deployed To UGIE, Rourkela
SRI SURYA NARAYAN RAY snrjsg@gmail.com Senior Lecturer I/c

M.tech, Mechanical
SRI SAROJ KUMAR SAHU saroj180738@gmail.com Lecturer

B.tech, Mechanical
SRI RAKESH KUMAR MAHANTA rakuiter@gmail.com Lecturer

B.tech, Mechanical
MRS. PUSPITA BASKEY baskey.puspita@gmail.com Lecturer

B.tech, Mechanical
SRI DUSMANTA BARIHA bariha.dusmanta@gmail.com Lecturer

B.tech, Mechanical
SRI S.N. RAY Lecturer

M.Tech, Mechanical Engineering
ALOK BARA bara.alok1@gmail.com Lecturer

M.Tech, Mechanical Engineering
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  • S.K. Sahoo, A.Bara, A.K. Sahu, S.S. Mahapatra, D.S. Kiran, G.S. Teja, E.S. Teja, S.P. Reddy, “ Analysis and Optimzation of Wire EDM Process of Titanium by Using GRA Methodology, Material Science Forum, ISSN:1662-9752,Vol.969,pp. 678-684,2019
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PUJA SWAIN puja.swain29@gmail.com Lecturer

B.Tech, Mechanical Engineering
BIRENDRA KISHAN kishanbiredra3@gmail.com Lecturer

B.Tech, Mechanical Engineering
MIHIR KUMAR SOREN mihira11111@gmail.com Lecturer

B.Tech, Mechanical Engineering