Jharsuguda Engineering School

Government of Odisha ଝାରସୁଗୁଡା ଯାନ୍ତ୍ରିକ ବିଦ୍ୟାଳୟ

About Information Technology Department

The Information Technology department was established, during the Academic Year 2004, with an intake of 30 students. The Department of "Information Technology” concerned with the theory, design, development and application of computer systems and information processing techniques. The department possesses 03 well-equipped labs that provide excellent facilities for teaching, learning and research activities. Computer laboratory equipments are constantly upgraded to the latest configurations. The department is equipped with leased line Internet connectivity of 100 MBPS to facilitate the students and faculty members to cope with the highly demanding Internet era. Also the department manages an internet lab, one server room dedicated for the department as well as the IT infrastructure and service of the entire institute. All our faculty members are determined, hard working, student friendly, disciplined and possess good attitude with high moral character.


To focus on development of skilled and confident personalities of today and tomorrow by using cutting edge technology in the department of Information Technology to accept need based challenges with a sense of social responsibilities.


  1. To impart quality education by implementing state-of- the- art teaching-learning methods to enrich the academic competency, credibility and integrity of the students.
  2. To implement the educational program in our department from fundamental engineering to recent technology as per emerging trends in the field of Information Technology.
  3. To facilitate a conducive ambience and infrastructure to develop professional skills and nurture innovation in students.
  4. To inculcate sensitivity towards society, respect for environment and promote high standards of ethics.


The students will be able to:

  1. Inculcate a conviction to believe in self, impart professional and ethical attitude, nurture to be an effective team member, infuse leadership qualities, build proficiency in soft-skills, and the ability to relate Engineering with social issues.
  2. Adapt state-of-the-art Information Technology broad-based techniques to work in multi-disciplinary work environments.
  3. Solve real world problems individually and as a team member with managerial and leadership skills for career in IT industry and also starting up own firms.
  4. Undertake and excel in higher studies and Research & Development in IT related fields and management.


On successful completion, students will be able to:

  1. Have the ability to analyze problem, design algorithm, identify and define the computing requirements appropriate to its solution and implement the same.
  2. Apply the acquired knowledge and adapt modern tools to provide the innovative solutions in Networking, cloud computing and Cyber Security applications.
  3. Maintain information systems using modern information and communication technologies which use the concept & tools of databases, data mining and information coding and deliver technological solutions for the end users.
  4. Design; implement software solutions for various automation applications by applying standard practices for software project development using hands-on programming skills for analysis, design and creation of software solutions.